Tote Master
It is a fact that most club members use the same tote numbers every week but a committee member has to check every number after the draw to find the winners! Then this all has to be recorded in case of queries weeks (or even months) later.

Tote Master allows you to record up to one hundred sets of numbers against a member's name. If a member wants to change numbers or add numbers they let you know before each draw and amendments are simply made.

Tote Master version 2.0 caters for tote doubles, tote trebles, perms and letter draws.

When each draw has taken place you simply enter the winning numbers into the computer and Tote Master will tell you who has won!

The draw date, winning numbers and winners names are stored automatically and may be printed out to put on the club notice board. At any time you can take a printout of all draws and winners for any date range.

No more time consuming checking and 100% accuracy!

Tote Master follows the same philosophy as our Club Master membership software - simplicity!

We believe that if software is simple and easy to use - it works! Just as with Club Master, our buttons have text on them, not pictures. You know which button to click just by reading the caption - not the manual.

Tote Master costs just £99.50 40 and it could save you hours and hours and hours.....

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